Care for Your Eyes Well to Preserve Your Good Vision

Care for Your Eyes Well to Preserve Your Good Vision

  • Dealing With Chronic Headaches? Find Out What You May Need To Do To Get Some Relief

    Do you often experience headaches during the day? If you're dealing with headaches multiple times a week, there is a bit of a problem. In fact, the pain from a tension headache could become severe, ultimately turning into a migraine that practically becomes debilitating. If you're having a difficult time getting through each day at work because the pain becomes nearly unbearable, you'll need to speak with your physician. In the meantime, there are certain things you should try doing to prevent those terrible headaches from occurring.

  • Sunglass Care Tips

    Sunglasses can be essential for allowing you to comfortably see. However, it is a reality that many people are unaware of what they should be doing to protect their sunglasses. When you are wanting to keep your sunglasses safe from some potentially damaging issues, you will need to keep several points in mind. Avoid Scratching The Lenses When Cleaning The Sunglasses Cleaning the lenses of the sunglasses will be one of the things that will need to be done fairly frequently.

  • School-Age Children And Eye Exams: What You Need To Know

    School is starting back up again, which makes for the perfect time to get your kids into the eye doctor for an eye exam. Did you know that research suggests that 10 percent of kids in preschool have vision issues that are so bad that they affect their learning ability? Did you also know that the problems that kids (and even adults) have to deal with are not limited to being farsighted or nearsighted?

  • Tips To Help Your Soothe Your Extremely Dry Eyes

    Dry eyes can feel incredibly scratchy, gritty, painful, and itchy. Unfortunately, dry eyes are a concern during both the hot and cold seasons due to the way that air conditioners and heating systems pull water out of the air. While some eye drops placed in the eyes can certainly help to reduce dry eye issues, they are rarely enough for more serious dry eye problems. For these sorts of issues, keep reading to learn about some tips to help soothe your eyes.

  • 3 Signs You Should Take Supplements For Eye Health

    Even though you might take or have thought about taking a multi-vitamin, you might have never thought about taking supplements that are actually designed for eye health. However, there are supplements on the market that are designed specifically for this purpose. These are a few signs that you might want to look into taking these supplements. 1. You Have Bad Vision Having bad vision certainly isn't uncommon. One bad thing about it, however, is that some people find that their vision gets worse and worse as they age.

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Care for Your Eyes Well to Preserve Your Good Vision

I still remember the day my mom took my family for our annual eye exams and I found out that I needed to start wearing eyeglasses. I really enjoyed picking out my first pair, and they were pink with cartoon characters on them! When I entered high school, my parents let me begin wearing contact lenses. I was afraid to put them in my eyes, but I was brave and did it! I recently began having lens discomfort, and I was really worried I would be told by my eye doctor that I wouldn't wear contacts anymore. I was grateful when he told me that I simply had dry eye and needed to use lubricant drops and wear my glasses a bit more often. I have since become dedicated to caring for my eyes well and I decided to start a blog to help others learn how too, too!